We all have the tendencies to make purchases based on commercials, friends, sales people, you name it.  At one point in your life we've all been persuaded to make purchase that we don't really need to have.  However, for those of you that are into functional fitness, high intensity training, and interval training here at WeekendWarrior we highly recommend you try if you have not already the Inov8 F-lite 235 and here is why.

The sneaker itself was designed specifically for cross-training/high intensity workouts.   The F-lite 235 offers a 3mm drop, compressed mid sole and brand new 360 Rope-Tec feature  (for the nastiest of rope climbs.)  With an ultra lightweight mesh, ultra soft microfiber toe box, and state of the art pressure-venting stretch mesh work together to ensure a friction-free comfort for the duration of any high intensity workout.   

We've pushed the F-lite series to the max during our training.  Whether it was to do a workout that consisted of 1 mile run, 5 rounds of  15 deadlifts, 30 wallballs,  15 burpees, 25 double unders, and to finish it off with another 1 mile run.  The F-lite did not disappoint.  This shoe has also weathered the storm of replacing our lifters from time to time.  Trust us do yourself a favor and make an investment for your feet.