Here at we're working tirelessly to build relationships, and have the ability to test products and give you our feedback.  Back in March we partnered with a great company called Marc Pro.  The owners of this company have been making electric stimulation devices for 30+ years.  A few years back they launched their line Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus.

About the Marc Pro;  When you purchase the device it comes with 6 packages of electrodes, 2 lead wires, 1 recharger, carrying case, and a user manual.  The device itself is 6x4.74x2 inches fairly lightweight, and has a battery life of about 8-12 hours.  There are 2 knobs that power wire A and wire B, you essentially are placing  (4) electrodes on targeted muscle groups.

Since having the device in possession our bodies have been put through the meat grinder, pain, muscle spasms, soreness you name it.  During this time period our muscles were fortunate to have the Marc Pro handy.  Let's say on Tuesday our quadriceps & hamstrings were on fire, sure enough the Marc Pro was being actively used for a good 45 min targeting those muscles.  Or on Wednesday after a rough WOD we targeted our traps and lower back.  Point out the area that is affecting you on that given day, and a good session with this tool and your in good hands.

Did you know that Marc Pro will let you test out the device for 30 days and in that time period if you are not completely satisfied they will completely refund your money?  Did you also know that you can also split up your payments over a 12 month span?  For those of you who decide to make such a key investment be sure to use the promo code of: warriorfit to receive a 5% discount.