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The power of CrossFit

Over the years in the world of fitness it can go with out saying there sure has been some fads. Whether this fad was some sort of contraption that you bought off an infomercial to give you abs of steel, or group class that you might taken or still do take at  your local "Globo gym". One thing is for certain there are too many to rant off on our blog today!  

If we were to shift our attention to functional fitness or better known as CrossFit; I'm for certain some of our readers out there might participate, have heard from friends, or read an article about one of the fastest growing phenomenons the fitness industry has seen.  Do you not know believe us when we tell you it is?  In North America alone there over 7,000 locations and that number increases on a daily basis.  If you have some free time be sure to check out and see for yourselves.  

For most there lies a level of skepticism, or fear of getting hurt.  Whether it was an article you read or again just hearing through the grapevine of friends.   Like you, this author too was very weary of  CF going back to 2008 when I had come across the industry.  For years I swore up and down how I could never see myself attending a so called "box" and getting a workout in.  As the years went on I got wiser with my weight and anerobic training.  I managed to bounce around from gym to gym and found a few trainers that forced me to push myself.   All the while learning proper technique and form.

It wasn't until January 2015 that I walked through the doors and participated in my baseline. Essentially the baseline shows your level of athleticism.   It was at that very moment after I finished my baseline, which took me roughly about 5 plus minutes to complete that I was instantly hooked!   I forced myself to push beyond limits I did not know existed inside of me. Truly it was an amazing experience.  Since being apart CF I've shattered personal records in all aspects of my training.   

Beyond the sweat and the gratification one can get from day at CF you also form bonds.  The comradery that is inside the CF community is astonishing.  The way the coaches and other athletes help everyone around them become better day in and day out!  If you have a local CF gym nearby we strongly recommend you pop in and see for yourself.



*Product Review* Inov8- F lite 235

We all have the tendencies to make purchases based on commercials, friends, sales people, you name it.  At one point in your life we've all been persuaded to make purchase that we don't really need to have.  However, for those of you that are into functional fitness, high intensity training, and interval training here at WeekendWarrior we highly recommend you try if you have not already the Inov8 F-lite 235 and here is why.

The sneaker itself was designed specifically for cross-training/high intensity workouts.   The F-lite 235 offers a 3mm drop, compressed mid sole and brand new 360 Rope-Tec feature  (for the nastiest of rope climbs.)  With an ultra lightweight mesh, ultra soft microfiber toe box, and state of the art pressure-venting stretch mesh work together to ensure a friction-free comfort for the duration of any high intensity workout.   

We've pushed the F-lite series to the max during our training.  Whether it was to do a workout that consisted of 1 mile run, 5 rounds of  15 deadlifts, 30 wallballs,  15 burpees, 25 double unders, and to finish it off with another 1 mile run.  The F-lite did not disappoint.  This shoe has also weathered the storm of replacing our lifters from time to time.  Trust us do yourself a favor and make an investment for your feet.  



Weekend Warrior

What is Weekend Warrior?  A person who participates in physical and strenuous activities on the weekends or part-time.  The folks that train Monday-Friday and that get down to business on the weekends!  Whether you partake in CrossFit competitions, Iron Man, Spartan Race, BattleFrog, Tough Mudder, Ultra Marathons, and the list goes on.  

We wanted to create an atmosphere that was not solely dedicated to just one sport .  Aren't you tired of searching this site, to go that site, to just get to next one?  Let us be your funnel to get you where you need to be Think of our site is your hub, a centralized location to help you find all your training gear.  The same gear we use to train is what we have incorporated into Weekend Warrior website.  Whether you are an athlete who trains for OCR, Ultra Running, Marathons, CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Ironman, and so much more.

Maybe you are looking for lifters for Olympic Weightlifting,  the perfect shoe to run your next OCR,  or maybe you are wondering which energy chomps to take with you to your next Spartan Beast,  Let Weekend Warrior be your guide.  Feel free to comment with products you'd like to see online, or even blog topics. If it makes sense and we get enough requests, than we'll be more than happy to oblige.