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Weekend Warrior

What is Weekend Warrior?  A person who participates in physical and strenuous activities on the weekends or part-time.  The folks that train Monday-Friday and that get down to business on the weekends!  Whether you partake in CrossFit competitions, Iron Man, Spartan Race, BattleFrog, Tough Mudder, Ultra Marathons, and the list goes on.  

We wanted to create an atmosphere that was not solely dedicated to just one sport .  Aren't you tired of searching this site, to go that site, to just get to next one?  Let us be your funnel to get you where you need to be Think of our site is your hub, a centralized location to help you find all your training gear.  The same gear we use to train is what we have incorporated into Weekend Warrior website.  Whether you are an athlete who trains for OCR, Ultra Running, Marathons, CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Ironman, and so much more.

Maybe you are looking for lifters for Olympic Weightlifting,  the perfect shoe to run your next OCR,  or maybe you are wondering which energy chomps to take with you to your next Spartan Beast,  Let Weekend Warrior be your guide.  Feel free to comment with products you'd like to see online, or even blog topics. If it makes sense and we get enough requests, than we'll be more than happy to oblige.