For people looking to sell their home one tool that has taken off is known as “staging.” It allows you to make your home look its absolute best to help earn you the best return of your investment. There are more than a dozen things to keep in mind when staging your home. Keeping an open mind and being flexible are both key when you begin to transform parts or all of your home. 

Clutter. I think it is safe to say that clutter is one thing we all have and are trying to limit. 

“Getting rid of clutter to make space seem bigger was key,” a buddy of mine said whose home sold quickly. “We took our agents’ advice and it paid off.” 

If there are times your home has felt like “standing room only” then you might want to take a good look at all of your furniture. Removing chairs or end tables and bringing large pieces like sofas off of the wall make rooms look bigger instantaneously. And moves like this cost nothing. Much like furniture, wall art also plays a big role when staging your home. Many walls look cluttered with too much on it such as paintings, mirrors, shelves, or a framed Stephon Marbury jersey. The latter never made it up when Eric moved in with Sloan in Entourage but I am just making a point here. Taking a sofa off a wall makes a room look bigger while taking items down makes a wall look more fresh and inviting. 

Transforming rooms is another part of staging that adds big dollar amounts to a home’s value. Some can be on the expensive side such as finishing a basement. Others can be on the cheap side. Take the room where you put all of your junk in. Find alternate storage areas for your junk and you may give yourself an office, small bedroom, or play room to name a few.

Another room everybody seems to love transforming is the kitchen. Replacing floors, cabinets, and appliances are among the ways to make your kitchen look more appealing. Yet consider the parts of your kitchen you can live without or don’t really help its appeal. This can be a lonely chair in a corner or even a television tucked under a cabinet. But being able to fully transform this room undoubtedly can add value and appeal to a home. IF it is done correctly, that is.  

If you have any projects that are unfinished you should probably find time to finish them before putting your home on the market. Old floors, ripped carpet, and sidewalk cracks will lower a buyer’s asking price. Fixing these yourself, though, will cost you a lot less. 

While open space makes rooms look bigger it can also make a home look empty or lifeless. My wife and I looked at a home and something that stood out to me was the landing area on the second floor near the stairwell. There was a nice space and one I was used to seeing naked or empty. But these sellers had a long bench and pillow under a window against the wall. It also had a small bookshelf and seemed to be a cute reading area. That house did not take long to sell. 

Rooms that have breathtaking views need to be featured with the best lighting and as little accents and furniture as possible. Imagine a room with large French sliding doors that have a body of water facing it. Keeping the water in sight is key when staging this part of your home. The same great view of water can also be of trees and mountains. Even a field that goes on for miles can be a nice view if staged properly. A view is like a picture that can say a thousand words. And it costs you nothing to display.  

There are literally thousands of articles online about home staging. Some have very effective “before” and “after” photos. One thing, though, that stood out was how simple many of the moves you can do really are. My boss loves telling me to “keep it simple” and the same mindset should be prevalent when staging your home.