This past Friday was Groundhog Day. If Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow then spring would be a mere four weeks away. Unfortunately for everyone, though, Phil did see his shadow which means winter is going to be here for at least another six weeks. And in case that makes you annoyed you might not want to look at Wednesday’s forecast as we may see double-digit inches of snowfall. It could be worse. Erie, Pennsylvania, got over 50 inches of snow during the early part of this winter. There is some good news though. 

April is less than two months away. The first day of spring is nine days before that. I know April does not mean nice spring weather right away. The New York Yankees’ home opener in April of 1996 had snow. Eleven years later I watched the coldest baseball game of my life and that was April 7th. Usually, however, April comes with rain and keeps the snow in the clouds for eight months. 

With spring six or more weeks away from us, the time is now to embrace the season and make the most of it. 

Winter months are an excellent opportunity to take part in a variety of outdoor sports. From skiing to snowboarding and snowmobiling, the options are plentiful for all ages. Snowshoeing, snow tubing, and cross country skiing are more options on snowy days. If the cold air is just not your thing there are a ton of indoor activities you can do to pass the time. This could be binge watching your new or old favorite television show or going to the gym. Weather permitting, day trips are another great option on boring winter days.

While Punxsutawney Phil predicted another six weeks of winter, eight other groundhogs said there would be just four. So I guess it depends on your groundhog preference on Groundhog Day. Bill Murray is not an option. The one known as Phil for short, though, has predicted six weeks of winter 103 times against just 17 for an early spring. He must love the winter. Its days, though, are counting down. March is less than 25 days away and the first day of spring is not far behind.