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  • Build brand awareness 
  • Tell your story 
  • Tailor marketing campaigns
  • Interact one on with clients
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Is online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages.   Follow daily to weekly trends.  Customize tailor marketing campaigns 


Instagram's community has grown quickly. Here's how your brand can take advantage of it's very large and very engaged community.

Instagram has risen to the half-billion number of users. This is a very high number compared to many similar social media apps and is considered the fastest growing app of all time.How did Instagram get to this level and how can you leverage your business on this app?

Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom announced, “It’s a big milestone for us because we set to create a community, not just a photo-sharing app.” (TIME) While the app has grown exceedingly since its acquisition by Facebook, there are a few ways which Instagram has specifically used to gain the record breaking amount of users it has within a surprisingly short amount of time.

Brand Marketing

Instagram has a higher user interaction rate with its followers than Facebook and Twitter. Being new to the top social media app list, Instagram has made it easier to keep up with brands in a more compelling way. With strategic pictures and proper hashtagging, businesses can market their businesses and reach their customers directly and in a more uninterrupted way. Stating, “The Instagram community has grown faster and become more global than we ever imagined,” Instagram is not only breaking records, it is breaking expectations.


Instagram mobile ad revenues will reach $2.81 billion worldwide (according to eMarketer); likewise, Instagram users are more apt to purchase an advertised product through first viewing it on the site compared to another social media platform. This allows for better turnover ratios for business, and time allocated toward advertising on Instagram can be well spent.